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mardi gras 2014

This year’s 4-day weekend preceding Fat Tuesday went very much like my last 4 4-day weekends preceding Fat Tuesday, but this one was warmer and included a smaller group of participants.  I wanted to experience some new restaurants if possible and maybe spend not quite so many hours out in […]


pour some sugar on me

As a youngster who liked SEC football, the Sugar Bowl was a mythical place where young men went to become champions, and the privileged few with time and money and driver’s licenses went to be a part of it all.  I heard stories growing up of how my grandfather went […]

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mardi gras 2013

After my bride and a few friends have sung its praises over the past several months, I decided to start actually using the Instagram app I downloaded a couple years ago, and having it actually meant that I had something to do besides overindulge this year in New Orleans!  I […]


how to win friends and influence people at mardi gras

Howdy Ho! This year, I thought it rather foolish to go to New Orleans for a 13th time and spend my 4th Mardi Gras, given my crossing into “upper thirties” territory last June and my work wife’s turning 40 just a couple months ago.  Also, how was I to top […]

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