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Dear Owen, Your birthday was a few days ago, and sometimes I like to write you little letters on your birthdays to talk about…my feelings and stuff. I’m going to be honest.  You were a pain in the ass for most of your 3rd year.  Take the above photo for […]


a lesson

The last couple of mornings, Owen the 2-year-old has taken to crying and latching onto my leg when I pick up my briefcase and open the door leading to the garage.  Today, we had this conversation: Me:  I have to go to work…let go! Owen:  No, Dad-dy, no! Me:  Quit […]


you’re 2! or, you were 2. like, 2 days ago.

I have it on good authority that dad blogs are supposed to contain letters to children on their birthdays. So, a few days after the fact, here’s a letter to the lone stemmed fruit of my loins: Dear Owen, I remember the day you were born.  I was convinced there […]

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