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helmets are for pussyboys

A few days ago, Pretty Bride and I were visiting another couple with a young boy about Maddie’s age.  The boy came out of his room to greet us when we walked in the front door, and he was wearing a little white plastic helmet that was tightly cinched to […]

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pimpin’ out snow white

I figure if my mancave can win me $100, perhaps my toddler can bring me some dough too.  Here’s the little one, competing in the “2 and under” category for cutest Halloween picture in the Parent Bloggers Network giveaway, sponsored by Blurb.com. Not that they even came close to competing […]



Last Sunday, when I went to pick up Toddler from the church nursery, the room monitor seemed excited for me to hear something she had to say (apparently, she’d been saying it to every other parent who came to pick up his/her child).  So, I squatted down to Toddler’s level […]



Today’s presentation went well, I thought.  It was actually quite fun.  I showed up in lawyer garb and gave a quick summary of what I do and how I got to where I am, using the “tips” sheet provided by the school.  For example, to the fifth graders, I told […]

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