37 years!

I actually wrote a paragraph about my recently turning 38 and how I didn’t want to do anything for my birthday this week, because who cares about turning 38, and I’m busy and too grown up to give a shit about my birthday when I have children to please on their birthdays, and who the hell do I think I am, but then I realized I actually turned 37 this week.

So I had to start over.

Whether to do anything on my birthday was a “game time” decision, since my lone full-time employee had been out sick most of the week, and I knew I couldn’t spend a few hours out of the office without her (wo)manning the shop.  Luckily, she felt better.  My work wife, our paralegals, and I walked next door to our office for Tex Mex and margaritas.  I only had 3, given that it was barely noon and all.

I returned to the office for a few minutes and was then dragged into a cab to visit some of the other watering holes around Buckhead, but not before dropping my car keys into my desk drawer and grabbing some essential tools for the afternoon.

I jumped in the cab, and the driver said, “What’s in your hand?” and I said, “A Heineken, because it’s my birthday, bi-atch!” and he said, “Not in my car, no you don’t!” and I said, “But it’s my birthday!” and so I ran inside and got a styrofoam cup from the security guard, put a little lid on it, and jumped back inside the cab with a “Drive safely–don’t want to spill my coffee!” and he couldn’t argue with that, so away we went.

At some point, some other folks joined us for dinner at some building where they bring you food you choose from a list of items on a laminated pamphlet, and they even brought me some bourbons on the rocks, too, and I don’t think I paid for any of it!  I love having friends.

I’m also told that after dinner, there was a bar with a jukebox and some Michael Jackson and that I led a few patrons in the “Thriller” dance, but I know that can’t be, because no way I’m old enough to remember something MTV showed in like 1983, right?

My bride was kind enough to drive down in her pajamas and come get me at 2am from a parking lot near my office.  My children were kind enough to awaken me 4 hours later, so that I could be at work and in a deposition on time.  I’m lucky they keep the big picture in mind.

Friday was not all that enjoyable, but that night, there was a party I’d committed to attend, and a band played, and the lead singer was awesome and covered Janis Joplin and Adele and a bunch of other people really well, and during a song, she walked up to us in the audience to say my bride looked familiar to her, and so I asked if she attended the high school where my bride taught 10 years ago, and she had!  So instead of leaving at 10pm to go to bed early, we were the last to leave, catching the golf cart with the singer so that we could return to our cars in an empty parking garage.  So I got 4 hours of sleep once again.

Saturday, my friend since 1985 drove down from Tennessee, and we went to see Jimmy Buffett at a nearby amphitheater.  The show was packed, but the weather was great, and we even avoided traffic going and coming, because I’ve lived in Atlanta 15 years and know how to get to and from a concert on back roads by now.  It was great spending time with his wife, oldest daughter, and him.  This time, I was blessed with 5 hours of sleep, which was a welcomed relief (except our brand new air conditioning broke again and can’t be fixed until Monday at the earliest).

And so, the birthday I said I wasn’t going to celebrate every time I was asked was, in fact, celebrated for 3 consecutive days.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t even do that for 21.

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  1. My favorite part of the story: “I’m also told that after dinner…”

    The fact that you’re reduced to other people’s recollections of your own birthday dinner? Pretty special.

    (also: happy birthday, bi-atch.)

  2. I would guess that you probably did do that for your 21st, as well.

    Happy birthday and all that!

  3. 38’s a big one. Congrats! (I tried to drink that picture of a margarita, btw.)

  4. Happy fuckin’ birthday, dude. Your awesome deserved 3 full days of celebrating! xoxo

    My best birthdays are always the ones that are unplanned events. (And also usually include alcohol and little sleep.)

  6. I really hope those pipes blow bubbles.

    And you’re 37? 37!?!?!

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  7. at least you didn’t end up like our “lost” friend at Buffett…stumbling, bumbling, only slightly agitated.

    thanks for the hospitality!

    • At least! He inspired me to put a governor on alcohol consumed during concerts in which I have grass seats and can’t rely on an usher to help me find my people.

  8. DAY-um, Dude. You did it up right.
    Happy birthday.

  9. It’s always an adventure with you, even when it’s not your birthday. But happy day, any way.

  10. Wow. 2:00am? Great wife… or greatest wife ever?

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