Family Gratuitously offensive

a gift that’ll keep on givin’

My brother flew in from St. Louis last night and delivered the above card and wooden figurine depicting a young boy taking a crap.  I’m planning to take it with me to work, so that every morning, I can carry it into the latrine with me and ward off the evil turd burglar

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  1. summer clearance

    I have known you, Muskrat, for many long years, and my continued devotion indicates that I am not a woman often given to offense. However, I must tell you that the consistent poo content in your blog entries does give me pause. As such, when I was first introduced to the totem that I’ll call ‘Crouching Boy with Pained Face’ (Wood Carving, 1917, St. Charles, MO), I was hoping that the power of his artistic persuasion would be employed to a higher end than you propose. I imagined that perhaps he would fulfill some inner need in you for repeated reference bottoms and going “bof” and therefore spare friends of the Muskrat from so much latrine duty. In site of your plans for poo baby, however, my optimism cannot be dampened. I will hope for better day manana.

  2. summer clearance

    guess i could’ve spell checked that. night.

  3. mac daniels

    this coming from someone named Summer Clearance, hmmm? go shoot a porno or something.

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