my first wordless wednesday

“I was supposed to stay in utero another 7 days, you bunch of assholes!”

And there you have it.
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  1. Yeah, ours was too. They take you by surprise, little bastards.

  2. Mine too. I thought she’d be happy to get a headstart on paperwork. Seems like I’m always a week behind on paperwork. Then she didn’t do any paperwork at all. So technically it’s her fault.

  3. avatgardener

    reluctant replicant rants. really!!

  4. Jennifer Trevisan

    Congratulations! Details please!

  5. Pretty Bride

    So, when I said, “Please soothe the baby, ” you heard, “Please, please, BLOG the baby”? Is that accurate? Muskrat.

  6. avatgardener

    muskrat makes mommy mad. maybe momentary mental malfunction?

  7. avatgardener

    well, if you do have a wordless Wednesday wouldn’t it make sense to not post that day and post it on Thursday? Therefore you are genius beyond reproach. except where PB is concerned.

  8. AvatG, Thanks! I believe you’re right.

    Bloggess, He was actually 6 weeks early. He just chose today to get pissed off about it.

    Jen, Thanks! See the hyperlink for more info. He was 5#2 oz.

  9. What a handsome little man. Is he doing well? Did that book help mommy?

    I don’t know that any amount of pages in a book could have truly prepared me for breastfeeding.. and I’m on my fifth go-around!

  10. churchpunkmom, Thanks! He’s doing well. Mommy did fine…we thought it was funny that they gave us a book for baby #3. The nurses said he wouldn’t latch; they were wrong.

  11. congrats! my littlest one was 6 weeks early. glad you all are doing well.

  12. Congrats! I highly recommend naps.

  13. He is absolutely adorable! Aren’t you just so proud!! Congratulations and best wishes.

  14. Amen that he and Pretty Bride are doing well.

    Is Toddler freaked out yet?

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