viva la foolishness


This is a cellphone picture I took around 10pm last night from Philips Arena.


So is this.


And this.


This picture, however, was taken at 2am at Mary’s.  Which is why I had to pull over this morning to puke my guts out (again).
Hangover remedies are found at humor-blogs!

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  1. Pretty Bride

    Oh, honey. This is why we don’t carpool.

    And I fed you an omelette this morning. My bad.

  2. Too bad the Flying Biscuit Cafe isnt open at 2am. A couple of those puppies’d soak all that excess alcohol right up.

  3. awe…some. glad you had fun.

    i? have never been drunk enough to puke.. and don’t ever plan to be. 😉 not a big fan of the regurgitation… good thing i can hold my liquor!

  4. Sorry you puked. Sounds like you had a great time though. Feel better.

  5. avatgardener

    Mistaken manly man at Mary’s makes massive morning mess.


    pathetic (?) punker passes prius, pukes.

    (I don’t think you’re pathetic but it works here, and i doubt if you were passing a prius but again, it works.)

  6. Who’s the band? I’m pretty sure, though it’s hazy, that I spent some time at Mary’s back when I was in the Peach State. It probably ended the same way as your night did.

  7. Huh, go figure, I NEVER puked before the war…

  8. Harlin, I did both before and after. Pretty sad.

    FreeMan, Coldplay! Mary’s is in East Atlanta. Ever go there?

    AvatG, I think it’s a little pathetic. No offense taken.

    Csquared, I’m trying. It’s not working, though. Can’t believe I worked a full day on 3hrs sleep. Kept planning to go home but never did.

    ChurchPunkMom, I’m not a fan, either. And yet, I still do it to myself.

    ShieldMaiden, That would’ve been delicious; you’re right!

    PB, Not your bad. Mine.

  9. Looks likes it was a helluva show. Who knew that Blue Man Group played guitar?

  10. So that’s you and Pretty Bride singing a drunken “Freebird” or what?

  11. Rickey, Don’t make fun of my shitty camera phone.

    Countessa, That’s actually my friend, Emily. I’m not sure what the hell we were singing…probably Poison or Bon Jovi, and those are my usual picks.

  12. Nice rock fist! Tell me you were singing “Aint Lookin For Nothin But A Good Time” …..thats probably not even the name of it.

  13. Jennifer Trevisan

    I’m jealous – I was supposed to be at that concert! Damn the Tuesday concerts in Atlanta when you live up north and don’t have 3 vacation days left!!! Hope you had fun!

  14. I once threw strawberry pancakes up into the side console of my jeep. I would have done it out my window, but a cop pulled right up next to me. It actually still smelled like strawberries in a weird way.

  15. How in the hell did you get Emily to sing?

  16. The third one looks like a painting…I like that!

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