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keepin’ it real in my ‘hood

This mug shot likely depicts one of my neighbors. Contrast that with this entry from a blog I enjoy called “Dad Gone Mad.” The thing is, I envy this guy (the blogger, not the arrestee).  Even if he does refer to himself as a “puss” for living his “one-sidedly suburban existence.”  […]



Our nearly-two-year-old has been learning to talk the last few months and has figured out how to put together some basic sentences. when she wanted my attention today, she started saying, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” and I replied, “Look, baby is making her ‘O’ face!” and the Mrs. replied, “Muskrat! inappropriate!”



Today’s presentation went well, I thought.  It was actually quite fun.  I showed up in lawyer garb and gave a quick summary of what I do and how I got to where I am, using the “tips” sheet provided by the school.  For example, to the fifth graders, I told […]


career day

I’m supposed to stand in front of an elementary school class at a location that can well be described nicely as “inner city” or not so nicely as the “straight up ‘hood” tomorrow.  i figured that since i practice insurance defense law, to include workers’ compensation defense, i could describe […]


it starts at breakfast

Today at breakfast, we learned from the Tween that her classmates and she are pairing up to raise baby eggs.  By the time her name came up, they were apparently out of boys, so she and a friend are playing sisters who are adopting, which, as she pointed out, was […]

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