keepin’ it real in my ‘hood

This mug shot likely depicts one of my neighbors.

Contrast that with this entry from a blog I enjoy called “Dad Gone Mad.”

The thing is, I envy this guy (the blogger, not the arrestee).  Even if he does refer to himself as a “puss” for living his “one-sidedly suburban existence.”  We’ve had our very “urban existence” home on the market for nearly a year with no offers, despite lowering the price nearly $40k, depersonalizing it, cleaning obsessively, and vacating every Sunday that there’s an open house or every Tuesday there’s an agent caravan.  We’d hoped to get to a still-close-to-the-city suburb to get better schools and less crime.  Instead, we have urban coyotes, burglaries, and second graders who ask me about prison rape.  I’ll say this for myself, though:  I’m no puss.  And unlike Cougar, I haven’t lost my edge.

In fact, posts like these on the neighborhood listserv ensure that I will keep my edge (and my firearms) for the foreseeable future:

Our new neighbors at 699 Elm had a rock thrown through their
living room window about 30 minutes ago. We heard their screams and
immediately ran out of our house to witness 5 black males running down
Birch in the direction of Oak St. One of the youths was the
infamous “mohawk.” My partner, Josh, chased them down the street and
almost caught one of them. We dialed 911 immediately, and the police
responded instantaneously. They saw Josh run from our front door, so
we are anticipating retaliation in the near future.
EVERYONE, Please be cautious!!!  I am Black/African American female and I wouldn’t put it past any of these jerks to overpower anyone if they thought they could get away with it.  They broke into our home at 9:30am on a Saturday morning.  There were three of them, one of them had a gun in his bag.  Fortunately, my partner was home.  Shots were fired and (now I look back on it and Thank God) no one was shot.  There was a fight between my partner and one of the perps.  Of course the perp lost but let’s be real here.  I could have been there alone.  They are BOLD, yes they are just kids but they have NO respect for themselves and No one else including Us.  One of them wears a cap that says ‘No Fear’.  Just be careful and Do Not give these people the benefit of the doubt.  I’m not trying to scare anyone.  I’m just being Real here.

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