For the second time, I had the privilege of accompanying the very professional and knowledgeable Paranormal Georgia Investigations (PGI) team on an investigation!  This time we visited this rather eerie place:  the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in east Tennessee, which has been closed to the living since 1998 (living patients, anyway).

We were briefed on the history of the hospital by Cindy, who lives in the facility with her family and sometimes makes videos about the ghosts who live there.  She became the caretaker at the facility after the previous one committed suicide a few years ago, and she allows paranormal investigations inside the building.  Unlike most every other such facility, you get to spend the night!

Here’s the room I shared with Dave, who decided to decorate it the next morning before we left:

As far as activity witnessed, I saw some flash light activity in response to questions, and the K2 device lit up a few times (showing electromagnetic activity).  Even Heather‘s REM-POD lit up once, which she had never seen happen before in numerous previous investigations!   Other participants saw shadow figures and felt touches a few times, but I did not.

I tried to go down to the basement where the “naughty nurse” ghost named Debbie has been known to invite investigators to “come and play” along with some inappropriate touching, but she elected not to speak to me.

We spent a good bit of time on the 3rd floor, where the psych ward and nursery (not great planning by the hospital, I must opine) were co-located, and where most of the “activity” has been known to occur.  It was on this floor — in room 308 — that our caretaker had an experience that changed her belief in ghosts permanently:  after she left the room with a couple companions at a time when they were certain they were the only ones in the hospital, she listened to her EVP recorder (which had been left behind in the room) and heard one male voice ask, “Can we follow them?” and a separate voice respond that they can.  An hour before we packed up to leave the following morning, part of the team was up in the hallway by room 308 when they heard and saw the closed door knob turn, and the door open by itself.  Sadly, I was having coffee and a bagel at the time and came upstairs a bit too late!

Throughout the night, I snapped several pictures with my iphone, both with and without a flash.

Here’s one (with flash) of the laser pointer Heather placed on the floor in one of the halls, so we’d be able to see any moving shadows:

Here are 3 I took in a row of the hallway where our sleeping rooms were.  Notice the little comet-looking streak in the second pictures on the floor, toward our doorway?  Thought that was odd:

Needless to say, it was an interesting and educational experience.  If nothing else, I enjoy learning the history of a building or new city when I travel, and I love meeting people who are different from me.  And a group of ghost hunters from north Georgia?  Totally interesting people with whom to spend a night!

The next night, Heather, her husband “Ty-man,” Dave, my bride, and I had dinner at The Optimist, which Esquire Magazine gave its “best new restaurant of 2012” award!  For the entire country!  Its best in NYC was “The Nomad,” where Adam, Amy, my bride, and I ate after BlogHer, so I was glad to try the local award winner.  It was outstanding.  I hope to go back again and again.

All in all, a great Veterans Day weekend with my pretend friends from the internet.  And, a bunch of dead people.

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  1. Are you kidding me? In a spooky old hospital? I wouldn’t have survived the night. Seriously scary!

  2. You is crazy. I have seen American Horror Story and those things never end well.

    I would have peed myself in my haste to escape. HOW did you sleep?

  3. I’ve got a high school classmate who’s apparently a big deal in the paranormal investigations world. He lives in Little Rock. I should hook you guys up.

    I have to admit I harbor curiosity ref the paranormal. But I keep inviting my granny to visit me, and she hasn’t yet.

  4. “Like watching a scientific experiment”

    Yeah, more like “counting how many times, in a 22-hour period, a bunch of nerds will mention the sale of Star Wars to Disney.” 😉

    Had a great time investigating with you, yet again! Next time, I’ll make sure you’re awake for the early morning investigative excursion. And I’m taking you back to Waverly next year. Pinky-swear.

  5. I had a great time. With each new trip I find myself more and more fascinated with the paranormal.

  6. We were going to play the morning bugle call for you fellas over the PA system to wake you up, but it wouldn’t download for us.

    It was a great time! And by great I mean rather terrifying. Haha.

  7. You could not PAY ME to do that.

    Aside, Dave is awesome. We became friends at Tequilacon in Vancouver.

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