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4 redbulls, 2 snickers, and a couple of orbs

We arrived at the Waverly Hills Sanatorium about 7:30pm.  16 of us:  13 professionals, 2 curious bloggers, and me.

Our guide led us on a tour and told us about the various horrific events that occurred on each of the 5 floors we’d be exploring all night, so that the professionals could plan where to explore.

We learned where an employee named Tiffany had been injured while decorating the first floor for a Halloween haunted house event, and how numerous paranormal investigators would enter the site of the assault and ask the darkness, “Why did you push Tiffany?” and receive a “Kill her!” whispered response (called EVP).

We learned where a nurse was found hanging by room 502 after a failed abortion following an unplanned pregnancy via an affair with a colleague.

We saw a metal door riddled with divots from an axe after a security guard responded to the cries for assistance from a group of young vandals who were trapped by an unseen group of “they” who “won’t let us out!”

We saw the former operating room where visitors have been punched or trapped by slammed and stuck doors for daring to enter alone.

We heard of the homeless vagrant and his dog who were murdered a few decades ago and tossed down an elevator shaft.

And so on.

We divided into 3 groups of 5 and 6.  I followed Heather, who almost immediately led us to the room where Tiffany was shoved off a ladder, set up her recording equipment, and asked the question I’d assumed we’d wait several hours–if ever–to ask at all.  I think Heather is part honey badger.

We even went into the morgue and stood in complete darkness while asking questions around the equipment set up on the wooden trays that held dead bodies for examination.

And we concluded our first 2-hour block of investigation at the dreaded body chute (where even our guide said she doesn’t go).  Heather said she was going down.  Others stayed put.  Dave and I went with her.

(photo taken by Dave)

Though I didn’t take many pictures (I was busy concentrating on how NOT frightened I was going to be this night, and how awake I was going to stay), I did snap a few in the various hallways we walked, to see if the flash picked anything up in the surrounding darkness.  Two such pictures captured what may be orbs (or dust on my lens…hard to say)!

See it in the floor?  In the middle?

This one appears to show 2 orbs.  I zoomed in a bit below:

The puddles are where I pissed through my Depends.

At all of our stops, we did the thing with the flashlight (scroll down til you see it explained) to elicit visual responses to questions, like the guys do in the second video on this link from the body chute.  For the first 6 of the 8 hours we were in the building, nothing happened.  But on the 4th floor (where the most aggressive of the paranormal activity has been observed), at about 3am, it worked.  The light would come on and off in response to questions asked, even responding in the positive to a question about its time frame being in the 1950s and then later to a question about the President at the time being Eisenhower (after failing to illuminate when asked if it was FDR, Obama, Kennedy, or others).

Our time was up at 4am, and we retired to our hotel.  I bunked with Dave and, as is his habit from extensive travel, he checked the alarm clock to make sure it was NOT set before we went to bed.  It wasn’t.  But at 6am, it went off.  He hit the “off” button, the “snooze” button, and any other button that would get the damned thing to stop blaring into our dark room and finally ripped the plug from the wall.

I was across the room and barely awake, but I mustered a “I told you not to bring the ghosts back to the room, asshole.”  And I meant it.

All in all, an enjoyable experience.  Thanks to Heather for inviting us amateurs to tag along, to Dave for sharing his room, and for Adam for keeping me awake during the 12-hour round trip drive!

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  1. Sybil Law

    So you did wear the Depends! Must’ve been all that Redbull.
    Soo wish I had been there. 🙁
    Still – sounds awesome!

  2. I’m not scared of ghosts. I have an almost five year old one living with me, constantly slamming doors when no one is around.

    Although, a sanatorium may just make me piss my pants out of fear. Rather spooky.

    • @RM, I actually tried to attract the children ghosts, which are supposedly there, too, especially on the top floor solarium. But, no dice.

  3. Oh… and guess what. I was stupid enough to plug the alarm clock back in because I thought that perhaps I was too tired to figure out how to turn it off properly the first time. It went off AGAIN the next morning (like clockwork) despite the fact that the alarm was clearly in the OFF position. Ghosts? Or some prankster at the alarm clock company who hates people that sleep in past 6:00am?

  4. I’m a honey badger?!? *Wipes moisture from eyes.* I’m so, very touched. I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me! *Sniff!*

    Michael, you were an awesome investigator. The main thing is that you didn’t run and if you manage to stay in place all night long, then you’ve done your job. You were a pleasure to have along on the investigation and if we go next year, you’re more than welcome to join us!

  5. Very cool. There are some interesting sites to investigate here in Vegas. We’ll have to check them out the next time you’re here. 🙂

  6. Did they pay you? Like a Million Dollars? Cause that is what I would need to do something like that.

    You actually tried to attract the children ghosts….there is something messed up with that statement. Did you ask them to help you find your ghost puppy?

    • @william, I actually paid THEM to go! I did not ask for help with the ghost puppy this time, but I will certainly take your advice if I go next year…thanks!

  7. Fu-huh-huh-huck thaaaaat.

    Had I been there, there’d have been twice as much piss on the floor.

  8. You only wore one pair of Depends? I would have stitched a pair of sweat pants out of them.

  9. Willies, willies willies would have crushed me just driving up the hill. Although, I love reading about this stuff from afar. You’re all studs.

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