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traipsing through the whale’s vagina

I’ve always wanted to see San Diego.  Mainly because I love Ron Burgundy and TOP GUN.  So, when BlogHer announced last August that San Diego was where 2011’s conference was going to be, I went online and bought myself a ticket right quick.  I even went two days early.

I was most looking forward to surfing with Pet Cobra and seeing the Fightertown USA sign at Miramar.  However, neither came to fruition.  In lieu of same, I trollied past the bar where Goose played “Great Balls of Fire” to Meg Ryan’s calls of, “Hey Goose, you BIG STUD!  Take me to bed or lose me forever!” and I met the five present dad bloggers from DadCentric for beers.

I’m sure Jason chose this beer for me because of its taste.  That’s it.

Goose played the piano while Maverick sang along at a BBQ pit.  25 years ago.  Ouch.

I also spent time with customary male BlogHer companions, like Busy Dad, Backpacking Dad, Laid Off Dad, and Avitable (who makes me call him “dad”).  Plus a dad with a minivan.  And a dad I know in real life in Atlanta.  And, I finally met Mocha Dad!  And some dads from L.A. who draw some goofy shit!  See how we males bonded?

Mainly because there was no fighting over these:

If a urinal handle flushes, and nobody is there to hear it, do I have to wash my hands?

My Pretty Bride and I ferried over to Coronado and biked all afternoon on the day preceding the conference, even eating at the Hotel del Coronado, which is sort of famous.  I think this was a good precursor for the days that followed, since some people can allow themselves to feel a bit smug over being well known by a few hundred people on the internet.  Nobody in Coronado cares about your blog.  They just want us to stay in the bike lane.

The next couple of days, I really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends from the web and meeting some new ones (especially the Mama Pop and Moxie Bird writers!).  Pretty much everyone agrees that my bride is more humorous, attractive, and enjoyable to be around than I am, so I spent a good bit of my time back in the office this week responding to DMs requesting her twitter handle.  A few even said I seemed more relaxed and happy this year and speculated it was her attendance (nope–it was the time change and the plentiful marijuana).

But you know what?  I have Dad 2.0 to anticipate.  And she ain’t coming.

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  1. Don’t feel bad. I have lived in California all my life and have never seen the “Fightertown USA” sign.

  2. I’m really let down by the lack of whale vagina.
    Oh, but glad you had fun!
    Now where’s the whale vagina?

  3. I love San Diego… easily one of my favorite cities.

    With or without your wife in attendance. 🙂

    I think she deserves a vacation in Portland next!

  4. At least we got to play volleyball with our shirts off.

  5. “Papi” is not the same as “dad”. Now call me Papi, bitch!

  6. I’m 100% sure he picked that beer for the taste… well, 95% anyway.

    And the answer’s No. No you don’t have to wash your hands according to the teachings of the Dali Lama.

    Glad y’all had a good time.

  7. Was nice meeting you. Thank you for not being an asshole. I can’t say the same for Avitable, dude ordered onion rings at dinner and only ate one. Who the hell does that? Just kidding. No I’m not. Who only eats one onion ring? Oh wait, people hotter than me. Glad you had fun. Good luck at the sausage fest, I mean Dad 2.0.

  8. Just wanted to say I had a lot of fun hanging out. With your wife.

  9. Wait your bride has a twitter handle? Wha?

  10. I agree. Your wife is really cool.

  11. Sorry I didn’t get to meet you there, dangit! So this is me saying “hello” back…and I’m glad you had a great time in San Diego!

    NYC yes!

    Take care…

    🙂 Anna

  12. I like that you said “right quick.”

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