shitter’s full!

Pretty Bride called me at work Friday (something she hasn’t done in recent memory) with important news:  Toddler had shat in the potty.  I know, readers who aren’t parents could give a rat’s ass, but those of us who change diapers daily and look at an increasingly large belly each day with the knowledge that more dirty diapers are in our imminent future can certainly appreciate this milestone.  In fact, it was so damned exciting that when it happened again today, I took a picture or two.  Just like Literal Dan (only his post’s title is much more tasteful than is mine.  No images of Cousin Eddie are conjured).

After she finished, she stood up, turned around, pulled out the container with the goods, dumped its contents into the toilet, and flushed.  It’s like she’s a real person all of a sudden!

I can’t wait for her to drop trou in the neighbors’ front yard.  It certainly worked for me.

More shitty humor from not-so-shitty writers can be found at this humour blog directory.  Take a gander.

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  1. It must be “rat’s ass” day because I said the same thing in my blog today.

    Am I off the asshole list now? For commenting, not for saying “rat’s ass”.

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhh! And it didn’t take putting a hot wheel or quarter down in there. Ah, memories are made of this.

  3. proud papa presents perfect poop-er.

  4. And another bathroom reader is born… You must be so proud!

  5. You’re halfway there.
    The wiping thing can take years…

  6. I had repressed all memories of diapers until this post. That was no fun. Time to forget them again. Done.

  7. You think she seems like a ‘real person’ now? Just wait till she has her first period. And her first boyfriend! But meanwhile, congratulations on your little pottypooper success.

  8. Bill: NOOOOOOOOO! Don’t say such, please. She’s going to stay <3 ft tall forever.

    BHJ: Sorry! Welcome to Muskrat comments, btw.

    CT Dad: I think I’ll outsource that duty to Pretty Bride. Welcome to Muskrat comments to you, too!

    Theresa: I am. Even better, it was the Wall Street Journal.

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