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From the bathroom: Yeah!  Mommy went potty!  I so proud of you. From the den: Not now, Mommy!  I busy!  I working! From the bathtub: I not a baby!  I a lil’ girl.  And tough! From the toddler bed: Daddy, Did you see what your daughter did?

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through a toddler’s lens

Last weekend, Maddie rooted through our closet and found my camera.  She then began running about the house taking pictures. The first one appears to be Pretty Bride’s backside, Maddie’s finger, and a portion of our kitchen.  Maddie calls it “Precursor to a Meal.”  It’s available for $20. Here’s where […]


shitter’s full!

Pretty Bride called me at work Friday (something she hasn’t done in recent memory) with important news:  Toddler had shat in the potty.  I know, readers who aren’t parents could give a rat’s ass, but those of us who change diapers daily and look at an increasingly large belly each […]


and the spiderman glasses go to (opens envelope)…

Toddler celebrated her newly-received promotion by winning the random drawing that concludes every Muskrat family reunion to encourage staying until after the last of the Mississippi Mud has been eaten and the last of the over 80 crowd tells the last of the under 35 crowd how glad they are […]

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