From the bathroom:
Yeah!  Mommy went potty!  I so proud of you.

From the den:
Not now, Mommy!  I busy!  I working!

From the bathtub:
I not a baby!  I a lil’ girl.  And tough!

From the toddler bed:
Daddy, Did you see what your daughter did?

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  1. cute, cuter, cutest.

  2. hahha too cute. did you see what your daughter did?

    SSG’s last blog post..MrC’s music melt down part 2: Mix Tape

  3. I hope you don’t get in trouble.

    Your daughter knew to complement you wife on going potty, but did you remember?

    Shame. 🙂

    Jinksy’s last blog post..Pussycat or Real Doll

  4. Cracking me up! Tomorrow she will tell you about “When I was little….”

  5. AvatGardener, I agree!

    SSG, I hear that one a lot.

    Jinksy, I did forget, and I am ashamed.

    WeaselMomma, I hope not. I need time to slow down with her.

  6. awe.. Daddy’s Girl!!

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