Jack Kramer, Pursuer of Adulterous Points Users


I’ve noticed something.  Whenever I get my monthly or semi-monthly or whatever it is email from Marriott showing my points totals and what deals they have to encourage more travel, I get a similar email from Hilton a couple hours later.  I found this puzzling enough to discuss it with Pretty Bride.

Me:  “So, do you think there’s someone on the Hilton payroll who monitors web traffic from Marriott and then thinks, ‘We can’t have that guy staying in a Marriott when he travels!  No way!  We’d better send some enticing Hilton deals, too!’?”

PB:  “No.”

Me:  “I think there is such a guy.  His name placard says Jack Kramer, Pursuer of Adulterous Points Users.  He’s a geek, but a bad ass nonetheless.” 

PB:  “There’s no way you’re right about this.”

Me:  “Think what you want to; he’s there.  There’s no other explanation for the email sequences.  You hurt Jack when you deny him.”

PB:  “Were you taking any prescribed medications before we were married that you may have stopped taking?”

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  1. You are right about this – I used to work for him.

    It’s the Internet; I can say things like that.

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