on panhandling

Today, as I was searching online to pay my water bill, I found this website on panhandling, which reminded me of some of my favorite experiences the last few years with Atlanta panhandlers.  Below are three instances from when I was in school and spent a good bit of time […]


hills like brown bison

I awake this morning, open the toilet lid, crack open the blinds for some moonlight, glance outside, and freeze.  I realize this is a day no pee will come. Me:  “Um, there are some large–possibly dead–animals lying in our driveway…” Pretty Bride (from the bedroom):  “What?” Me:  “Tetonka!  Tetonka!” I […]


who’s your daddy?

I took this crap picture out the window of my car at a red light about a mile from our home.  Sadly, the sign was gone 2 days later.  However, I found their website and used the above picture to give them a call, after going for a run, cuing […]


criminals on cups!

Some of our neighbors have cameras installed for security around their home, and when these kids were traipsing through one neighbor’s yard, he sent the pictures to the entire ‘hood after saving them on a Kodak website. What I found amusing was the automatically-generated ad at the bottom to get […]

Neighborhood, Rants

a rare conglomerate

I’m excited to report the following simultaneous events going on downtown this weekend: 1) Black Gay Pride weekend:  a time for men and women of color who enjoy the companionship of their own gender and race to gather, celebrate, and, I hope, carouse. 2) Dragon*Con:  a gathering for science fiction […]

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