criminals on cups!

Some of our neighbors have cameras installed for security around their home, and when these kids were traipsing through one neighbor’s yard, he sent the pictures to the entire ‘hood after saving them on a Kodak website.

What I found amusing was the automatically-generated ad at the bottom to get coffee mugs or stationary depicting the little thugs who trespassed and, allegedly, broke into a couple parked cars.  As if to say, “Sorry I took your GPS and IPod, but ain’t this a fine cup o’ joe?”

It’s almost a good idea.  In fact, it’d almost be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.
For pictures and posts that aren’t pathetic, check out this listing of funny blogs!  Give a Muskrat a happy face to send him to his happy place.

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  1. You didn’t see me crapping on the lawn did you?

  2. Pretty Bride

    I would buy that mug. Pun intended.

    Acorn King: we might’ve, but you were hidden behind our dog, whose craps are enormous and mask most criminal activity. Most, but not all. See post above.

  3. Sorry about peeing in your shrubs. Too much V8 and vodka again.

  4. avatgardener

    protective polaroid potentially prevents perverts, pilfering. Poses personal aPperance problems.

    Memorable mischief makes (for) marketing (of) merchandise.

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