me in 21 days


What the hell have I agreed to do?


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  1. Padded undies all around!

  2. Can I refer you to a great insurance agent for reasonable life and AD&D coverage?

  3. Pretty Bride

    Part of me hopes this doesn’t go well, just so you don’t become one of those thrill-seeker junkies.

    The other part of me cried a little and is much ore afraid than I was two minutes and 34 seconds ago.

    Do they have socialized medicine in Spain??

  4. You know, I can just stab you in the ass a few times and hit you with a bat and we can call it even.

  5. Please put me in the will.

    (I have ten million questions, starting with, “Who are you doing this with?”)

  6. I hope your time in Barcelona comes BEFORE you’re a stain on the pavement of Pamplona!

  7. Oh my God. I can’t believe you are really going to run with the bulls!!!! That’s kind of amazing – and also something I just recently used as an example of stupid shit people do just because.

    But still. It’s pretty freaking epic.

  8. I call dibs on all your stuff.

  9. w stands for wow. i was actually there in the summer of 92 but didn’t run. something about valuing my gonads. have fun, man — that’s incredible.

    • Part of me is hoping we’ll just participate in the party and not run! Any advice from your observing the event? I plan to start at dead man’s curve to avoid that fiasco, at least.

  10. You need a helmet cam so those of us who have never been gain a greater appreciation for the moment.

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