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a suitor and the not-so-great pumpkin

Today, I thought we’d enjoy a family activity:  carving a pumpkin for that demonic holiday I love so much that takes place on Friday.

Emilie the Teen drew the design; Pretty Bride carved it; I supervised, and Maddie the Toddler ate the eyeballs.

She didn’t like it and almost immediately began loudly spitting it out onto the sidewalk.

Smelling blood, one of the punk kids from across the street came over with his warden to try and steal my little girl’s heart.

“Run, Maddie, run!  They don’t even edge along their sidewalk!  Take the pretty flower and get back to Daddy where you belong!”  Her expression was one I made at my parents thousands of times when they offered unsolicited advice.

Instead of taking heed, she invited the little hormone to sit next to her on the porch.  At least she used her thumb as a block to his advances.

Lacking any semblance of perseverance and realizing his advance would forever be spurned, Hormonal Boy trudged back across the street where he belonged.  Once he’d disappeared from view, Maddie asked, “Daddy go hammock?”

“Daddy would love to go hammock.”

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  1. Great pumpkin and very cute Maddie the Toddler! Thanks for reminding me that Halloween is THIS week. I just went to the grocery store today, saw the Halloween junk all over the place, and thought, “Get candy someday soon.”

  2. Damn, those boys (predators) are starting young. Watch out! Makes me glad I had a boy!

  3. Aye, alas, I must admit, I am so happy that I have three boys. The fathers of girls are always the ones to have heart attacks early (documented research). I do, however, hold those dad’s in high esteem, considering what we do to their daughters. Good luck Rat, hold on to her as long as you can.

  4. God help that boy when he shows up on your doorstep in 12 years or so, brandishing car keys and smelling of Axe. My MySpace hottie of a little sister was a pigtailed cutie just yesterday, it seems.

  5. Not bad, well done sir. If you desire, you can always submit it to Rickey’s pumpkin carving competition over at RwR.

  6. is that your dog?? i love that dog. it looks just like my (ex)dog.. only with SHORT LEGS. and my (ex)dog had LONG LEGS. Like really long. Like made my lab mix look like she could be a dane long.. crazy..

    huh? what were we talking about? Oh yeah.. can’t wait to carve our pumpkins. hopefully they’re not frozen (sitting on our back porch) by the time we do it. my oldest got a pumpkin that weighs nearly as much as him. i don’t think i can lift it.

    oh, and Maddie’s boyfriend? he’s cute. seriously, any little hormone who comes toting flowers is a wiener.. i mean winner.

  7. The weather looks nice there…and how did you get out of carving?? Nice.

  8. Shun the non-edgers.


  9. Doug, I’m glad you agree. They have a special place in the colder area of Hell.

    Matt, Because I’m dangerous with a knife. I have the missing left ring finger tip to prove it.

    ChurchPMom, Yep, that’s Winnie. You should read about her in my “hills like brown bison” post. She’s tough.

    Rickey, Sounds great! I’d forgotten about that.

    Shield, He won’t be around in 12 years.

    Harlin, I didn’t want to know that. It’s not like my heart doesn’t get enough stress from my job and from going to war every 2 years!

    A Free Man, Don’t worry, the boys will come for your boy, too. I have little doubt!

    BillS, Thanks–glad I could help!

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