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We made an offer on a house Friday afternoon after seeing it that morning at 9am.  It was the first home we’ve looked at in person.  We don’t even have a buyer’s agent yet; we just went inside with a friend who’s a realtor the day after the house popped […]


real estate fail

This is where our 2-month-old sleeps.  Because we can’t sell our house. I’m thinking this will turn out well for her in later years, however.  Besides the obvious character building she’ll get from staying in a closet for the first several months years of her life, I can see the […]

Gratuitously offensive

who wants to rent from an infidel?

Last night, I had an appointment to show my rental property to a 20-something medical student named Suleman.  We’d spoken on the phone, and I guess I thought he was Indian perhaps.  When he got out of the car, however, he looked like the grown version of the male rapist […]

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