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100 posts, 100 truths

I learned today that at one’s 100th post, he is supposed to reveal 100 truths about himself.  This is Number 101, but here goes: 1-      I can’t write without music, a couple cocktails , or running.  I prefer all 3, as I have done tonight. 2-      Mute Math, Makers, and […]

Growing up

spare the rod? not so much.

Pretty Bride and I were talking about punishment recently and how I thought “time out” was for pussies.  She says The Literature says that spanking is not really the best way to teach children right from wrong.  This got me to thinking about my childhood and the many, many whippings […]

Childhood Journals

from the vault: Friday, July 17, 1989 (the day i crapped in a sauna)

Today we went to Capitol Reef National Park.  Then we went to Arches National Park.  In Capitol Reef we saw 11 deer.  We saw a black bull next to the road.  Dad moo’d at it, and it looked at us real weird.  I took a picture of him.  Tomorrow we […]

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