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Growing up

a confused boy learns about diversity

I started elementary school in Germantown, TN in 1980, having moved there from Ohio after a stint in Delaware.  It was at this Germantown elementary school that I met a young boy named Robert whom I liked, but just did not understand.  Robert was African-American.  I’d never seen such a being.  Robert […]

Childhood Journals

from the vault: 1988

I just had a birthday, which made me wonder what I was up to on birthdays from years past.  I went back into the closet and found the following: —————- Tuesday, June 7, 1988:  Today I turned 13.  I had to take exams on my birthday.  That is the 1st […]

Childhood Journals

from the vault: this date in 1987

I spent some time in my closet last night and found some childhood journals. So, I will periodically type what was handwritten 20 years ago and post it. I think it will keep me grounded. And help with humility. What’s amazing is that I still regularly spend time with one […]

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