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promotion sunday

Remember when you were a youngster and, during the summer at Sunday School, the church would decide you were actually in the grade you were scheduled to start the upcoming fall?  It was called “Promotion Sunday.”  But what happened to the kids who’d failed the previous school year?  Did God […]

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somethin’s come between us

Having a pregnant wife makes hugging hard, as there’s always this little unborn creature curled up in the way.  It kept Ellen Page from dancing close to Jason Bateman in “Juno.” When I brush up against baby girth and Pretty Bride says, “something’s come between us,” I don’t think about […]

Growing up

a confused boy learns about diversity

I started elementary school in Germantown, TN in 1980, having moved there from Ohio after a stint in Delaware.  It was at this Germantown elementary school that I met a young boy named Robert whom I liked, but just did not understand.  Robert was African-American.  I’d never seen such a being.  Robert […]

Growing up

called to the ring!

Apparently, this “Figurehead” creature is unhappy with the Muskrat!  

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