somethin’s come between us

Having a pregnant wife makes hugging hard, as there’s always this little unborn creature curled up in the way.  It kept Ellen Page from dancing close to Jason Bateman in “Juno.”

When I brush up against baby girth and Pretty Bride says, “something’s come between us,” I don’t think about Ellen Page or future baby boy, however.  I think about R.L.T., as in Rectal Love Train.  There were a band made up of a few of my friends in high school in the early 1990s who got some airtime on the local community college’s radio station.  One of their hits included the lyrics:

“Something’s come between us,
someone else’s penis.
Don’t you know those aren’t teardrops on your chin?”

It’s nice, really, thinking about 17-year-old kids screaming about infidelity instead of the miracle of childbirth.  Give it a try sometime.

Check out blogs by former garage band members here.

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0 responses to “somethin’s come between us”

  1. Sarah says:


    That is funny…


  2. ha. You slightly misquoted the line though. The actual lyric was:

    “Something’s come between us,
    someone else’s penis.
    I KNOW those aren’t teardrops on your chin?”


  3. That’s funny.
    Even funnier is if your wife were to ask what you were thinking–and mid-hug you say “rectal train love.” And then walk off to watch TV.


  4. mac daniels says:

    i agree…it’s bad enough that she knows where my head is, even if i don’t verbalize it!


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