Blogging Movember

changing the man in the mirror. for at least a month, anyway.

Thursday night, I co-hosted a Halloween party that was preceded by a Four Loko, which I’ve since learned is NOT supposed to be consumed in one sitting, because it’s like downing 4-5 beers at once.  Doing this before dinner is an especially bad idea, and following it with sake and innumerable glasses of straight bourbon is potentially destructive.  I hear the party was outstanding.  I woke up on the ground in a parking garage at 3:30 am, so I wouldn’t know.  It was a handicapped parking spot.

I took the above picture the next day around noon, when I was able to (sort of) function again.  Buddy is at the drycleaner’s place now.  He may not make it home.

So, in lieu of drinking this month, I’ve decided to throw efforts into more valiant pursuits.  Against the advice of counsel (my suite mates) and council (my bride and children), I’m participating in “Movember.”  Specifically, I’m joining nearly 50 other dad bloggers led by Doug French to raise awareness and cash (hopefully, more of the latter than the former) for eradication of cancers that primarily affect men.  You know, like the kind my dad got last year.

So, the goals for November:
1.  raise a few thousand dollars for cancer research,
2.  stay sober,
3.  buy (and move into) a new house (if the sellers will replace the damned furnace),
4.  grow upper lip facial hair without getting any restraining orders filed against me,
5.  see the Tide beat LSU, and
6.  host some traveling blogging friends for Thanksgiving.

Y’all can help with #1 right here.  A couple people have volunteered to help with #2.

Let’s do this.

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  1. Hope you raise lots of cash for the cause!

  2. Oh, you will look adorable with your skeevy pedophile pervert stache. I’m just surprised you can muster together enough facial hair to grow one. I keep waiting for you to hit puberty.

  3. I’ll help with #4 and shave my pubes and send them to you so you can glue them on your face.

  4. You can do iiiit.

    (And by it, I mean all of them!)

  5. Done.

    Though I am now gravely concerned that you will show up for dinner in a couple weeks looking sexier than me.

    Looks like I’m going to have to step up my game. I’m thinking that chaps are the way to go here…

  6. As to #2, I’m an enabler. Or, in this case, is that disabler?

  7. Uh oh. Yakkity-yak. That’s no fun. Good luck with your November goals. I think I’d have better luck growing a mustache with you than staying on the wagon. Both noble and worthy plans. Good thing I’m a great cheerleader! GO!

  8. Are you absolutely sure this ‘stay sober’ thing is totally necessary?

  9. I remember those kind of days when I used to drink. Its been six years since I last had any booze and I don’t miss it one bit.

    Good luck on the stache and how are you planning on raising money for Cancer research?

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