my boy is 3

Maddie turned 5 on July 16 without much pomp.  We went to a park near our new home.  She wanted Chick-fil-A for dinner.  We brought in a cake.  The high school aged employees realized what we were doing and gave her balloons and a hot fudge sundae of some sort.  She told them she doesn’t like chocolate but smiled at getting the balloons.

Today, Owen turned 3.  He’s been out of school all week after our 4am wakeup Saturday morning when he couldn’t breathe and had a temperature of 102.  The next morning, we learned he had croup.  It’s a respiratory condition, not a metamorphosis into a barking seal, apparently.  His little preschool friends were happy to see him today, because apparently, he’s old enough to have little preschool friends who notice when he misses a few days of school.

He got some more Thomas train cars on his Thomas cake and the lunch box I won on Busy Dad’s blog.  His paternal grandparents got him a lamp with a train base for his room, so now he no longer wants to sleep in the dark.  I switched the bulb from 60watts to 40watts and waited for him to finally fall asleep.

And then I realized he doesn’t quite look like this any more:

He even corrects me if I collectively include him as “the babies.”

He gets up at 6am every day and has zero concern about Daddy’s having come home at 2:30am.
He protests the water temperature and the need for soap every evening during baths.
He is the worst air travel companion with whom I’ve ever had the displeasure of sharing a section of coach seats.
He keeps his room at a level of cleanliness that rivals a fraternity house’s band room the morning after a party.

However, as I did last year at this time, I’ll overlook his flaws and let him stay in our house another year, I reckon.  His mother seems quite fond of him.

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  1. Oh you HAVE to keep him – sooo freaking cute! For that matter, both those “NOT babies” are adorable! Happy Birthday to Maddie and Owen!

  2. Something about the 3rd birthday really drives home they are not a “baby”. It makes me nostalgic.

  3. Happy Birthday to Owen. Mine turns three next week; I think he’s planning on shaving that day too.

  4. Ah, the Thomas cake. My boy had that one on his third birthday too. (The grandparents got him a train table for that birthday, he still uses it two years later!)

    Happy birthday Owen!

  5. The whole “cuteness” thing is an unfair advantage. Think about it, dude: If they looked like lizards, you’d toss them out the window by the third day.
    PS: Happy Birthday to him.

  6. Woah. When did you stop having a BABY?

    Please show pictures of actual baby next because it’s starting to seem like all you have are kids.

    • @Britt, I will try to come up with a post that necessitates including the baby. Although, she started walking Saturday, so I guess she’s now “a toddler” from what I hear.

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