patching up damaged first impressions

So, my pretty but forgetful, negligent bride failed to address my accidentally sent email today at drop off and pick up as we’d discussed last night (where “discussed” means “I wrote about it on my blog and assumed that’s what she’d do, because she loves me a whole lot”).

I elected to search my trash folder, find the email sent by Emily the teacher, and respond to it via a simple, contrite, and heartfelt email.  Here is the unedited, copied and pasted email I sent ten minutes ago:

I apologize for the response to this I sent yesterday…I thought you were someone else (i.e., not our son’s teacher)!  I don’t actually have any restraining orders against me.  In fact, I haven’t been arrested in a good 16 years. Not that the preceding 20 years weren’t good.  They just included some time with local law enforcement.

Here’s to mended fences and saved faces.  Let’s see how this pans out.

She just responded with, “I didn’t think so!  🙂  Don’t worry about it.”
I’m so money.

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  1. Well thank God that’s over….
    or is it?

    She’s got a sense of humour

    You are golden.

  2. Your blog needs a warning label. It’s like 11:30 here, I’m waking people up! Glad it’s worked out.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, you’re not money, and are instead “that dad who I had to email back because he wouldn’t stop talking about his criminal record”.

  4. When you meet her for the first time, wear a giant, full-size raincoat and nothing else. Just for the hell of it.

  5. She’s keeping it cool for now. I mean, she’s probably already alerted the principal and authorities.

  6. It is never too late to screw up the first impression again.

  7. Pretty Bride

    I agree with William. I think we should have volunteered you to work the Fishing Pond at the school carnival, the one where the kids put their fishing pole behind a sheet and “catch” a prize. Who knows what ridiculous damage you could have done there?? And cemented your reputation for-eh-vah.

  8. this really is hilarious. i would have died laughing if i’d received an email like this from a parent!

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