Tag: inappropriate behavior


patching up damaged first impressions

So, my pretty but forgetful, negligent bride failed to address my accidentally sent email today at drop off and pick up as we’d discussed last night (where “discussed” means “I wrote about it on my blog and assumed that’s what she’d do, because she loves me a whole lot”). I […]


first impressions

A few hours ago, I got an email that included a nice article on how often young children need affectionate touching from their parents.  It talked about needing like 12 hugs a day and how rubbing feet can be good for teens.  It made me want to give warm affection […]


MTV references and panning for gold

Over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for some hiking and bonding. On the way, we saw this place somewhere in North Carolina: I decided this a great place to pull over, so, without warning anyone else in the car (to include 3 sleeping children, […]

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