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Me:  Did y’all talk about anything that happened in the news today at school?
Maddie:  No, we never talk about stories from the news at my school.
Me:  You didn’t hear about a guy named Osama bin Laden?
Maddie:  No.  I don’t know who…I don’t know that person.
Me:  Well, he’s bad, but he was captured, so now he can’t be bad any more.
Maddie:  Is he dead?
Me:  Yes.
Maddie: Why did they make him dead?
Me:  Because our country was upset that he led a bunch of people to attack–hurt–us nearly 10 years ago.
Maddie:  So now that he’s dead, he can’t hurt anyone, right?
Me:  Yes.
Maddie:  Oh.
Me:  Do you remember when I went away for several months, just before you turned 2?
Maddie:  When I was a baby?
Me:  Yes.
Maddie:  I think I do.
Me:  You were at the airport when I got back.  Mommy was there, and your big sister, and my parents.  I was the first person off my plane…a good 2 minutes ahead of anyone else getting off, because I was so eager to see you and your mommy again.  The reason I had to go far, far away is because of what that bad man did 10 years ago.
Maddie:  Were you there to kill people too?
Me:  No.  I worked with a hospital.
Maddie:  What did you do at the hospital?
Me:  Well, when people would get sick or hurt, the 38 doctors, nurses, and medical technicians who helped the hurt and sick people reported to me.
Maddie:  So, you helped people get better?
Me:  Indirectly.
Maddie:  Daddy, are you going to have to go back there again?
Me:  For the first time in 10 years, I don’t think I will have to go back there.
Maddie:  That’s good.  Do you think Mommy will make us pancakes tonight?

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  1. Mmm, pancakes. Freedom Flapjacks!

  2. God bless you. And pancakes.

  3. LindaSalem

    Unfortunately, I wish I was as sanguine about your not having to go back or anybody having to go back. We’ve cut off one head and hopefully it was the most important head on the Al Queda. We don’t seem to be fighting them anymore. Technically, he’s dead and he’s the reason we went to Afghanistan so we should be done. I just wish it felt done.

    Does Pretty Bride do Belgian Waffles? I’m a little bummed here.

    • @LindaSalem, It ain’t done, but I do think Obama will use this as a springboard into announcing withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan like he did Iraq a few years ago.

  4. “Me: For the first time in 10 years, I don’t think I will have to go back there.”


  5. I’m glad someone in your family has perspective. So, let’s hear more about the pancakes. Was there boysenberry syrup?

  6. Sybil Law

    Well? Did she make the pancakes?!!

    (I hope you don’t have to go back, too.)

  7. Thank you Muskrat and the Mrs! From me, hubby, and my 3 little kids!

  8. I do hope you get to stay on US soil!

    And the innocence of children…it amazes me every time.

  9. I hope you’re right, my friend. You’ve seen enough of deserts.

  10. I know some gentlemen over in Afghanistan right now. I’m sure they’d like to come home. And eat pancakes.

  11. I like that there are people in the world today who won’t really know who he is and won’t have that cloud hanging over them, either.

  12. Thankfully, one will be my son. Must be a good feeling not to have to go back.

  13. Hettie Wofford

    Since Osama is gone, it’s my hope that the violent acts of terrorism shall never return.

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