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Me:  Did y’all talk about anything that happened in the news today at school? Maddie:  No, we never talk about stories from the news at my school. Me:  You didn’t hear about a guy named Osama bin Laden? Maddie:  No.  I don’t know who…I don’t know that person. Me:  Well, […]


on veterans day

I was sitting here wondering which story to tell tonight when a flashing light on my blackberry signaled a message from my friend Jon, the managing editor at an Atlanta newspaper, wishing me a happy Veterans Day.  I met Jon five years ago at a luncheon; he heard me refer […]


on anniversaries

Media outlets will discuss an anniversary tomorrow, but I’d like to write about an anniversary today.  One year ago today, I was trudging through a concourse at 6am with Pretty Bride and Toddler, so that I could board a plane for Norfolk, VA where a plane would take me to […]


the real caption: “remember as you train: the battle is the payoff!”

The Nemesing One had the funniest (in my estimation) caption: “Hee hee. That English chic will never know it was me that gave her VD.” Thanks for your participation!  Since The Toddler is away with her grandparents, this avatar’s buttface will have to wait another couple days. There were several […]

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