Gratuitously offensive

the christmas box

Some Christmas presents are so great that they need to be re-gifted.  I may have given this gift a couple of years ago, but I want you, dear Internet, to get it again.

And here it is —

The coveted dick in a box.  You’re welcome.

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  1. Uh… yeah… what do you think I could get for that on eBay?

  2. my Christmas is complete

  3. The small gift in a big box! Classic!


  4. I…I…words pretty much fail me, although the only words I immediately thought were “Muskrat penis!”.

  5. Exactly what I wanted! It’s a Christmas miracle!

  6. So are the snowmen on the package smoking because you already serviced them?

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  8. You know that song “Christmas Shoes,” about the kid who wants to buy his cancer-ridden mom a pair of shoes, but doesn’t have any money until the narrator helps him out?

    Originally that song was called “Christmas Dick in a Box.” Same general premise. Different ending.

  9. Pu-lease tell me that’s not what you gave your wife for christmas!!!

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