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First Annual My “secret Santa” draw is Kirsten at Because she clearly needs new, non-mommy jeans, my first gift to her is a pair of Bad Idea Jeans.

Saturday Night Live – Bad Idea Jeans

Because she likes the USC Trojans, my next gift to her is a set of whistle tips for her fly ride, so opposing teams will know of her imminent arrival at the Rose Bowl and shudder.

And finally, because everyone can use some extra coin around Christmas, I’m bringing her a pot of gold.


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Curious about my gift?  Check out Meg’s presents to Father Muskrat at Prefers Her Fantasy Life.

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  1. Delicious! All my favorites, right here in one place. Nice haul for a Secret Santa–my office always gives the most craptacular gifts…

  2. I LOVE Bubb Rubb! I think I’m in love! He is hilarious! Thanks for giving him to me!
    I also want whatever the leprechaun people are having! I like the irish bong, I mean flute!
    Thanks for the gifts!

    Kirsten’s last blog post..Secret Santa Can Suck It Again!

  3. That’s seriously the best amateur sketch they could get? Really? I could have done better with my fucking feet dude. Not ever gonna catch the little sneaky bastard with that kind of scoop. Gawd.

    Cat’s last blog post..Guess What? Answer

  4. If we had anyone in our neighborhood with that muffler whistle thingy, I think I would be hard pressed not to develop my first case of road rage.

    That composite sketch is too funny.

    Chas’s last blog post..Secret Santa Can Suck It Swap, Round 2

  5. Damn! Just cuz I was wearing green and had a little hat doesn’t give the people the right to make fun of me! :o(

    Bee’s last blog post..Secret Santa Can Suck It! R2 (Round 2)

  6. PB, Me too…that’s the real reason I posted them, so I can easily watch all 3 whenever I need a chuckle.

    Kirsten, You’re welcome. I knew these could come in handy for you.

    Cat, I think a retarded blind person could draw better.

    Chas, I’m pretty sure someone in my ‘hood would shoot them.

    Bee, They were laughing WITH you, not at you. I’m sure of it.

    Musing, That makes two of us. I love green.

  7. I’m sitting here in the dark waiting for the leprechaun.

    Musing’s last blog post..Secret Santa Can Suck It!

  8. Whoo-whooooo! Classic video clips, thanks for bringing those back. I need to get me a leprechaun whistle.

    I got you a present too, I responded to your meme.

    acorn king’s last blog post..College Sex Capades

  9. As someone who has studied Irish dancing for 10 years (and drinks a lot of Irish beer) I can tell you that the dude needs to get a TIN whistle if he wants that leprechaun to show him his lucky charms.

    prefers her fantasy life’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday on a Tuesday (or How to Occupy Siblings of Different Ages and Genders For Two Hours)

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