a kool, kickass, kreative award!

Few events give me more pride, more validity as a blogging person, as does learning I’ve been given an award.  Except when it’s from the Ku Klux Klan.  Apparently, whoever kreated this award thought he’d pass along his hatred for all non-WASPs along with his prizes.  Why else would he use a “k” instead of a “c”?

The award was bestowed upon me by Wake Up It’s Tuesday.  Since the author is a Scottish girl, I’m going to assume she doesn’t subscribe to the ideals of the sick bastard who started it.  So, I’ll happily accept.

There are some rules that I’m supposed to post, but I don’t want to encourage the Google searches that would come from listing such mandates as–

1) Use diesel, not gasoline to light the cross,
2) The swastika goes on the left shoulder, not the right,
3) You must shave your head, and
4) White shoelaces only when wearing combat boots.

So, I won’t post them.  I have too many friends who are Jews or have dark skin.  Sorry.

However, I will pass the award along, as I’m supposed to do.  There are several outstanding writers whose words I love reading whenever they publish something new.  A few are even published.  However, one stands out in the “creativity” department, which, I assume, is what this award is supposed to acknowledge:  Black Hockey Jesus.  Mr. Jesus, if you’ll just look out your front window, you’ll see my brown uniform-clad buttocks walking away from the doorstep, where lies your badge.

Know where else you can find non-racist bloggers who get awards?  At this list of funny blogs!

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  1. avatgardener

    Atlanta (ish) attorney admits achieving award. Awesome. Accepts. Audience applauds. AvaT alliterates!!

  2. I guess I shouldn’t have accepted this award either when someone else gave it to me either. I never thought of that way. Glad you’re here to set me straight. 😉

    unfinishedrambler’s last blog post..When I was zero, it was a pretty good year

  3. UR, it’s okay to accept it. I grew up in TN, not too far north of Pulaski, where the KKK originated, so I’m leery of misplaced K’s, however irrational this fear may be.

    AvatG, Why Atlanta(ish)? I like smack dab in the middle of the hood, walking distance from skyscrapers! I like the rest of the alliteration, as always.

  4. avatgardener

    I wasn’t sure, and if you lived away I didn’t want to offend. (yeah, like that’s EVER been my fear!!) i won’t make that mistake again, leaving the door open for new and exciting mistakes.

  5. AvatG, It’s all good. I just don’t want my horrendous property taxes, sewer fees, polluted lungs, and ADT monitoring fees to go unrecognized.

  6. And all those reasons are why I live in the ATL ‘burbs. 🙂
    Congrats on the award!

    Colleen (ladyeunicorn)’s last blog post..Routines, Movement, Health

  7. Well deserved award! I love the new look and can’t wait until Friday! I have this confession that… you’ll see.

    Bee’s last blog post..Just some info stuff and bragging about how Angie and I are best buds!

  8. Kongrats! too funny…

    SSG’s last blog post..An Award! Look at me I got an Award! Yeehahahahaha!

  9. Thanks for inviting me into such an exclusive club. The only thing better than an exclusive club is an exclusive club that hates and lynches non-members.

    Black Hockey Jesus’s last blog post..Stereotypes

  10. I love BHJ. Well chosen, my friend.

    (and the new site looks AWESOME.)

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