Gratuitously offensive

desperately seeking boners


Remember that post about a 5th grade field trip to Huntsville, Alabama?  Here are some of the searches that are, as a result of that post, leading here:

“dad boner” — There is a cause and effect relationship here, you know.

“why does my boner go up” — Because you told it to, Drill Sergeant!

“briefs boner” — Easier to mask than the “boxers boner.”

“soldier and boner” — Like an officer and gentleman, only better.

“school boner” — More permissible than its eventual manifestation, “work boner.”

“young boner” — Much more prevalent than its ancestor, the “old boner.”

“first boner” — Funny til you get coated in piss from one of these things.

“harry potter boner” — Ask Ginny Weasley, you sick, sick pervert.

“boner” — Kind of anti-climatic now, isn’t it?

All this filthy talk has got me craving some of the clean humor found on these funny blogs!

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  1. Most of my searches lately have been some variation on “I hate the Florida Gators” but my favorite for the day: “a little shit, very pleased with himself and using smack”

  2. avatgardener

    prosecutor posts previous paragraphs pertaining to priaprisum.

  3. I. am. Crying. Awesomeness.

  4. Those are some hilarious search phrases. lol

  5. I thought I’d never say this about a huge boner post on a Monday night, but thanks, I really needed that.

  6. My favorite search engine hit was “potted meat in saudi arabia”.

  7. Where’s the rat boner? And the musky boner? What’s wrong with people these days that no one is interested in a musky boner, I ask you?

  8. in my world.. it has another meaning.

    boner: nickname for one who plays the trombone.

    you may see such buttons at band festivals as:

    ‘kiss me, i’m a boner’
    ‘boners do it better’
    ‘proud boner’

    i purchased a ’support the arts, kiss a boner’ button myself the year i played trombone.. oh yeah, baby.

  9. you get all the best searches! here I am stuck with searches for “albino pussy”.

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