long distance dedication (aka “interview with the muskrat”)


Hello, all.  Pretty Bride here.  Muskrat is trapped in traffic on the way back from a business trip, but wanted to link to the interview he did with Angry Seafood that posted this morning.

Enjoy the gratuitous filth, and have a nice weekend, folks.

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  1. I’m going to have serious loincloth nightmares now. Filthy indeed! Hope you never change 🙂

  2. Thanks for the interview bud! It was a lot of fun and your answers were very funny. I was not expecting you to go where you did with the Police Academy bit. Like getting a humor sucker punch in a good way.

  3. Chris, Glad you approve. My first thought was a “Citizens on Patrol” episode in Afghanistan, but then I thought–“Wait! How ’bout necrophilia?”

    Carmi, I don’t plan to, despite what the Thought Police keep urging.

  4. I already said this over at Chris’ blog, but it’s true: Two of my favorite bloggers in one place. I couldn’t ask for anything more…well, except for sunshine today. Then the day would be perfect, but close to perfect, reading Chris’ interview with you.

  5. And a good interview it was. I call it ‘take a walk on the raunchy side’ ha ha

    Funny how I can only recognize 7 of your blog roll even though were both humor bloggers. It says there are a lot of humor blogs out there because I’ve got a blog roll of about 150 myself and only those overlap. You’ll be added now too by virtue of your visit and comment…


  6. Thanks, UR and VE!

  7. Great interview. The Cutting Crew ref. gave me great ammo for the next Twitter ear-worm war. *evil grin*

    As I am a big fan of inappropriate comments (more of a disciple), I have added you to my blogroll.

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