179 pages about how to act instinctively

We’re at the hospital today, as the baby who was supposed to come in early November decided he didn’t want to miss most of the college football season, so he came early.  He seems concerned about the Alabama v. Georgia game, and I really can’t fault him.  He spoke immediately about how the Tide was robbed last year in Tuscaloosa, but that –and I’m quoting directly here– “by damn, them Dawgs is going to pay this year in Athens.”  I didn’t bother to correct his grammar, as I could see this was a topic of great emotion for him.  His face got all red and everything.

Pictured above is Pretty Bride, examining a 179-page book on breastfeeding, since apparently, our species has forgotten how to utilize its natural equipment over the last several years and needs reminding.  I just wish I could find an IKEA pamphlet that’s a fraction of this thing’s girth.

(fuzzy cellphone pic added just for Unfinished Rambler)

You know what’s great when you’re stuck in a hospital for several days and don’t like TV?  Funny blogs, that’s what!  Check them out.

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  1. I did not realize you guys were on the nest! Congrats!!! And, for the record, breastfeeding is the MOST frustrating, life changing, difficult, messy, enjoyable thing I’ve ever done. Good luck, Brotha!

  2. PS If Pretty Bride stays with you even though you’re obsessing about football AND blogging while she’s just grunted out a kid then I think you can rest assured that it is TRUE love, meant to last forever.

  3. Hope everything goes well with the birth.

    I remember our first–we watched some breast-feeding videos in a group at the hospital. I instantly turned into a 13 year old again every time they showed a lady with dinner plate nipples.
    Giggling…smirking…my wife was completely embarrassed.

  4. Thanks Bex! I think it is true. I also think she would’ve been flabbergasted had I not obsessed about the above important items.

    Thanks, Hyop One! So far, he seems to be okay; we hope he can go home in a couple days. I’m glad I didn’t have to watch any videos, as I’m sure I would’ve reacted similarly.

  5. Baby!!! Breathe. Breathe.
    Bingo!! Boy baby (the best).
    Breasts. ‘Ball.

    Boy!! Best blog.

  6. Muskrat: Sorry that it’s taken me so long to comment. Congratulations!

    Only question: Where’s a picture of the kid? While a picture of your wife holding a book is extremely fascinating, I think it’d be better when having a picture about your newborn son — to actually have a picture of him. 😉

  7. Tween tends toddler?

    Tired twitter-typer tells tales.

  8. proud papa posts partner’s partial picture.

  9. ok, that is enough for now.

    heartiest congratulations. especially after seeing an episode of John and Kate plus 8 .
    2 seven year olds and 6 (yes, six) 3 1/2 year olds. always someone to play with.

  10. Thanks AvatG and Unfinished Rambler! I added a picture taken a few hours ago during a rare moment of lucidity for the little feller.

  11. Congrats on the new addition.

    He’s absolutely adorable, and I’m not just saying that to be nice. Most newborns are all wrinkly and weird looking… including my own, but yours is pretty darn cute!

    Oh and love the blog by the way. 🙂

  12. Congrats Dad! Tell Pretty Bride – Mom and I are thinking about her. He looks perfect. He’ll be pulling those pig-tails soon enough! Good luck. Please post more pics, stories and such about him. Hope you’re ready for 2 on/2 off for the next few months. Kiss him on the forehead for us.

  13. What a cutie! Congratulations…I have to tell you as soon as I got out of the car yesterday when I got home from work, Himself said, “Muskrat had a baby!” Setting aside for the moment the idea he needs to get out more, I was glad to be greeted with the happy news.

  14. Candice and Harlin- Thanks…I’ll try to if I can get some downtime from playing “single dad” today.

    Shield, Thanks! I had to LOL at your husband. Does he ever exercise? Hope so…

  15. Freaky Weasel

    So what’s the verdict? Are you getting the DNA test you mentioned on Mount Healy?

    I wouldn’t bother. It’s probably yours.

  16. Thanks, MU!

    FWeasel, I don’t recall that conversation, but I appreciate the confidence that he’s mine.

  17. Hey, ‘krat. 🙂 Thanks for the photo.

    And thanks for bringing up about the lack of exercise, both you and the wife. I guess it’s time to get outside for a run. Lately, though, I’ve been at least walking to work, a mile each way. It’s a start.

  18. Congratulations to you and Pretty Bride! Obviously you haven’t lost the ‘how to’ with regards to at least some of your equipment. (I think you were probably wise to mention her in passing, while telling us all about your birthing pangs)

  19. Jennifer Trevisan

    Congratulations!!! Name? Stats? Etc? Gimme info!!!
    Love to all,
    Jenn Trev

  20. Congratulations on the little one. He’s adorable, even though the pic was a little fuzzy, I still think he’s adorable. Aren’t all babies adorable???

  21. Congrats from the Hendersons. You sir, have a fine looking child. Rickey approves.

  22. I’m new to your blog, but I’d like to say congrats!

  23. Unfinished, that’s a great start! Much better than most of us do!

    Thanks Bill!

    Jen, he was 17” and 5lbs, 2oz. So, quite small.

    Leeuna, Thanks! Not all of them, though.

    RH, Thanks!

    Sherri, Thanks! Frequency of visitation doesn’t affect the right to comment!

  24. summer clearance

    I had the pleasure of hearing the unedited, very colorful version of the birthin’ story straight from PB’s mouth. I have never laughed so hard in a sterile environment. Congrats and welcome Tiny Baby. (not to be confused with Tiny Dancer, of course, because that would be gay). Love ya’ll.

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