pat lost 65 cents on fruit snacks. mac lost $500 at the dog track.

As I referenced in yesterday’s post, my office was a bit stressed today with the sudden vacating by an associate attorney.  Even the vending machine could do no right, as it apparently took Pat’s $.65.  When I walked by and saw her note for the guy who restocks it, I thought I’d try to lighten the mood a little by posting my own note next to hers.  One of the secretaries actually asked me if my wife is aware that I’d lost $500 at the dog track.  I told her, “No.  And please help me keep it that way.  Can I borrow some coin?”

Not content to leave well enough alone, I decided to also lash out at my regular status as the water cooler swapper outer (a title more befitting a Bud Light commercial), a product of being surrounded by female secretaries and paralegals, and my office’s proximity to the breakroom.  Thus, I left this post-it note on the water cooler (if you can’t read the blurry cellphone photo, it says, “I have a mind.  A fine, legal, mind.  I am more than a method for exchanging empty for full water containers.  MUCH MORE. -MD”):

When I wasn’t screwing around, I actually was able to settle a couple of Lorraine’s hand-me-down files, so production abounded right there with mischief.  In fact, they’re second cousins.

If post-its aren’t your thing, you can always check out other material on these funny blogs!

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  1. and here I thought water-changer-outter was an esteemed position. I guess I’ll have to aspire to something new. 🙁

  2. ChatBlanc, Thanks! I feel remarkably better now.

  3. I cracked up at these – too funny. I’m so going to do that to our coke machines..

  4. The way things are going for you, you’re liable to end up being given the job of restocking the vending machine too, since you’ve made it so clear you’re able to do more than just the water cooler :>)

  5. thatgirl, thanks! so did my support staff. a good way to loosen things up on a friday.

    bill, i hope not! although it’d be much less stress.

  6. You’re like a Post it Note Assassin.

  7. PunkRock, I’m honored.

  8. avatgardener

    angry attorney attaches anti-affirmations to appliances.

  9. AvatG, You’re damned right (and witty). Infuriated perhaps. Okay, not really.

  10. That’s right! You’re going to be mayor!

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