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Apparently, my do-gooder neighbors decided to get up yesterday morning while I was at Saint Simons Island and do some beautification.  Normally, I’d be happy about this, as our ‘hood certainly needs it.  However, they covered up the graffiti from my masthead wall!

Just who the hell does this woman think she is?  The Anti-Muskrat-Masthead President?  Bi-atch.

I’d planned to make another picture in front of it with the new baby in the stroller, along with Toddler, once he’s old enough to leave the house.  Sadly, now I’ll have to wait for some local hoodlums to paint new gang signs, profanity, and odes to the murdered before I can recreate an updated masthead.  Sigh.

If you’re feeling sad about my loss of a potentially-improved masthead picture, check out these funny blogs to lift your spirits!

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  1. avatgardener

    painting peeves papa.

    masthead mural mangling makes muskrat mad.

    gang graffiti gets group’s goat, gloss gladly.

    (this was a good post, man!!)

  2. Nice how they covered up the evil sentiment that “With the power of the soul anything is possible.” Wouldn’t want a message like that to be spread.

  3. If you’d like I’d be more than happy to tag the hell out of your wall and your do-gooder neighbors. Wait, there might have been an innuendo towards your neighbors in there that wasn’t intended. Doh!

  4. AvatG, some of your best work, indeed.

    Unfinished, No, I wouldn’t. Nor would I want RIP Pierre to be spread. Poor little drugs-buying youth. He was killed right next to that wall last year.

    AcornKing, Go for it, dude. And not in the cheesy Rocky montage kinda way.

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