the best short story from Cannes

I like this film because:
1) it tells a good, believable story in which anyone can be the hero
2) it has a fitting soundtrack
3) it accurately portrays the volume of pigeons everywhere in Europe
4) the beggar’s new sign correctly uses the comma (the old version needed a semicolon)
5) it shows the power of marketing

Even the blind love funny blog posts.  See?

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  1. Good, cute, moving stuff. Great find–Rickey’s a softie for that sort of thing.

  2. that was beautiful, and I agree with all of your comments.
    The jaded part of me expected Mr. Nice Suit to steal the money when he came back around – – is that sick or what?

  3. Otra vez con la emo. Gracias.

  4. But, have you seen the 1999 version?

  5. Maybe that’s just “inspiration”, so here’s the 2005 version, which has the same words on the signs!

    Still a lovely little movie, it’s a shame he stole it from Sr. Cuenca.

  6. thanks for sharing, staghounds! the ’05 version link gave me some trouble, but i enjoyed the ’99 one. are there any new ideas any more?

  7. You are a visionary, having this up so long ago. And here I am only discovering it today. I bet you’re the type that’s already seen the movies this year that will be nominated for the Oscars too, huh.

    mom101’s last blog post..Self-improvement classes held in the l&d ward daily. Results nearly guaranteed.

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