the best short story from Cannes

I like this film because:
1) it tells a good, believable story in which anyone can be the hero
2) it has a fitting soundtrack
3) it accurately portrays the volume of pigeons everywhere in Europe
4) the beggar’s new sign correctly uses the comma (the old version needed a semicolon)
5) it shows the power of marketing

Even the blind love funny blog posts.  See?

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  1. Good, cute, moving stuff. Great find–Rickey’s a softie for that sort of thing.


  2. that was beautiful, and I agree with all of your comments.
    The jaded part of me expected Mr. Nice Suit to steal the money when he came back around – – is that sick or what?


  3. Otra vez con la emo. Gracias.


  4. Maybe that’s just “inspiration”, so here’s the 2005 version, which has the same words on the signs!

    Still a lovely little movie, it’s a shame he stole it from Sr. Cuenca.


  5. thanks for sharing, staghounds! the ’05 version link gave me some trouble, but i enjoyed the ’99 one. are there any new ideas any more?


  6. You are a visionary, having this up so long ago. And here I am only discovering it today. I bet you’re the type that’s already seen the movies this year that will be nominated for the Oscars too, huh.

    mom101’s last blog post..Self-improvement classes held in the l&d ward daily. Results nearly guaranteed.


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