bitch, you ride the marta bus

Here’s some more goodness from the ATL. After seeing this, I thought I’d try it with Pretty Bride as she was entering the passenger side of the muskratmobile during a thunderstorm. Though painful, her reaction has saved me the burden of eventually getting a vasectomy.


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  1. summer clearance

    No matter how many times I see this, it never fails to bring joy.

  2. In about six years, this will probably be the actual Marta advertising music.

  3. Wow, I bet Soljah boy is jealous! These boys are going places for sure, that is, of course, if they can afford the gas for that tank. I guess the bitches can move up into the front seat when they pony up the petrol money. Oh well, perhaps the new $50K Hybrid will look good with 26″ rims?

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