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bitch, you ride the marta bus

Here’s some more goodness from the ATL. After seeing this, I thought I’d try it with Pretty Bride as she was entering the passenger side of the muskratmobile during a thunderstorm. Though painful, her reaction has saved me the burden of eventually getting a vasectomy. [youtube=http://youtube.com/watch?v=vQTuYo6HmiQ] —————– Enjoy mass transit […]


dissension in the ‘hood

More love from the neighborhood listserv. Keep in mind that these are grownups with mortgages (some of them rather large). ———————– Jacob wrote: We’ve had a similar ongoing issue with some very inconsiderate drunken neighbors who partay about 10 feet from our bedroom window. 11pm is the legal noise cut-off […]

Baby, Neighborhood

baby’s observation

A baby muskrat is called a kit. This morning as I got the baby out of bed and began changing her diaper, we heard what I hope was a single firework going off somewhere down the street. She said, “Uh oh, shots!” While she regularly introduces her sentences with “uh […]

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