beverages that complement marijuana

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  1. I think that is probably, “smokin’ indo”…muskrat is very white indeed.

  2. Word on the street is that it’s “Indo” not Endo….not that I would have any idea what that means….

  3. The actual origination of the term “Indo” comes from the abbreviated name for Indonesia, where premium nuggets of the drug were once imported.

    Modern street slang “indo” is a common description of marijuana that’s grown”in-doe,” or “indoors” if you have any respect for the english language.

    Thanks to technology in grow lights, miracle grow fertilizers, and the ease of smuggling premium grade seeds that you can buy from any number of street vendors in Amsterdam. Anyone with a walk-in closet can grow “Indo” and not have to buy their weed from Indonesian importers…at least that’s what the kids are sayin.

  4. mac daniels

    thanks for the lesson(s). did i at least spell gin right?

  5. Iced Tea is my drink of choice while smoking endo.

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