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from the vault: this date in 1990 and 1988

Tuesday ,June 26, 1990:
Today, we drove to Glacier National Park.  Kevin and I played in the snow and threw snowballs at cars.  It was fun.  We drove to the top of a mountain and then back down and out of the park.  Then we crossed the border into Canada.  I went to sleep until we got to Calgary.  We’re in a Westwind Inn here in Calgary.  In Glacier Park we saw two mountain goats.  Our hotel has a pool, but it’s not very clean.  We didn’t swim.  We just watched tv this afternoon.  Being in a different country is weird.  Canada uses the metric system.  The signs on the road were in kilometers, and the pool’s depth was in meters.  The weather was in Celcius degrees.

Sunday, June 26, 1988:
We saw Crocodile Dundee II today.  Then, Kevin, Dad, and I played baseball in the backyard.  I learned a lot and got better.

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