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traveling through the dairy state

For some reason, a group of educated and fairly sophisticated individuals have decided they want to listen to me for several hours tomorrow, so I’ve flown up to Milwaukee, WI and then drove 3hrs north to what appears to be Nowhere, Dairyville.  I could’ve flown into a location closer to […]


how to tell if you suck balls

Simple.  Click on the link below, wait for the video to load, and watch.  If you don’t like it by the Netherlands, you suck balls!  I’m all about helping people answer the important questions that plague them. Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo. Leave your […]

Childhood Journals, Travels

from the vault: this date in 1990 and 1988

Tuesday ,June 26, 1990: Today, we drove to Glacier National Park.  Kevin and I played in the snow and threw snowballs at cars.  It was fun.  We drove to the top of a mountain and then back down and out of the park.  Then we crossed the border into Canada.  […]

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