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Baby, Neighborhood

pimpin’ out snow white

I figure if my mancave can win me $100, perhaps my toddler can bring me some dough too.  Here’s the little one, competing in the “2 and under” category for cutest Halloween picture in the Parent Bloggers Network giveaway, sponsored by Blurb.com. Not that they even came close to competing […]

Gratuitously offensive

a very muskrat halloween (a.k.a., a pictorial tutorial on inappropriateness)

Halloween 2007:  I’m stuck in Iraq but dress like Bret Michaels from Poison, since he’d just performed for us a few weeks prior.  I win “sexiest costume.”  Damn right I deserved it. Halloween 2006:  My brother and I are Madonna with her recently adopted boy from Africa, David, and a […]

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