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pay attention to the man behind the curtain

I’ve felt a twinge of guilt since this post about quitting my job on Feb 11, because I said I’d blog about my journey, and I haven’t.  In fact, I’ve hardly blogged about anything since then. I just reread that post and the numerous supportive comments that followed.  I thought […]


it is finished

So, today was my last day of secure employment. I had a BBQ buffet lunch at the Marriott sponsored by our head partner, went over the cases I’m handing over to others, and packed.  Then I loaded the wife’s minivan full of my shit and headed to an empty office […]


standing on a suspended bridge, holding a sword above the rope that keeps us suspended

Tomorrow morning, I’m telling the head of our firm that I’m leaving.  I skipped work yesterday to meet with two bankers, a corporate attorney (since I don’t remember the difference in an LLC and a PC), and a graphic design/web designer.  Oh yeah, and I had an optometry appointment (while […]

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