you probably have it pretty good

I’ve spent the past several months, and particularly the past several days, extraordinarily frustrated with the process of trying to find, and then close on, a new home.  NPR told me this morning that as real estate prices are down 20% in Atlanta from where they were last year, new […]

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muskrats in massachusetts!

I just had some damned good pie and coffee in Woods Hole, Massachusetts after a day of biking across Martha’s Vineyard.  There’s something tranquil about pulling two fighting toddlers alongside traffic jams and beaches where Jaws was filmed.  It forces going to one’s happy place. After that, we took these […]

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it is finished

It’s July 1st:  one week after our original closing date.  I’m 1100 miles from the house we’ve been trying to sell for 4 years, and I just learned it is over.  Mortgage paid off.  New owner.  Confirmed via email to the agent with whom I left a limited Power of […]

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fathers day 2011: the deer imitator

It’s 1988, and my father and I are in his two-toned 1983 Suburban headed on I-40 West toward Hickman County, TN. Me:  “Why do you like going into the woods to hunt deer so much?” Dad:  “For stress relief.  To get away from civilization.” Stress.  Yes, going 60 miles from […]

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