photo dump (or, activities following the absence of the proverbial “cat”)

I have a tendency to let my camera+ photos collect for months without uploading them anywhere, so tonight, I pulled a few from the past few months.  The below represent Saturday activities with the children when their mother is off being productive or something.  And no, it wasn’t Halloween.

The amazing Window Crawler!

We remember the show well.

It’s 8 a.m. somewhere, right?

 You know I don’t have a good excuse, so I’ll save you the misery of hearing a bad one.

And, finally, the below was shot after I took down Christmas decorations and decided to set the eery mechanical Santa outside our eldest’s bathroom door to greet her upon exiting the shower.  Sadly, I was about 3 seconds too late to capture the immediate dismay, but the kids’ reaction to her fright was pretty amusing:

Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet!


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  1. I went to that Madonna concert with my sister!

  2. Hahaha – that video was funny. 🙂
    I really want a Heineken. I think I’ll settle for some Jameson.

  3. Proverbial cats? I don’t think you’ll find any cats in Proverbs. Try Deuteronomy.

  4. Somebody get that kid a bottle opener!!!

  5. The Madonna onesie? PRICELESS.

  6. Should I not point out that I totally got the Madonna onesie on sale? You don’t like it when I do that, do you?

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