sweet! beers and dads (or supporters of dads)

I’m hosting a meetup to drum up excitement and participation (and one free ticket!) to the impending Dad 2.0 conference coming up next month in Austin, TX this Thursday night (Feb. 9) at SweetWater Brewery during happy hour (5pm til 8pm).  I’ve reserved us the VIP area, where we’ll get tours of the brewery and samples of sweet sweet beer to precede a few hours of merriment.  Hope to see y’all there, and maybe you’ll even win a free ticket!

Let me know if you’re coming, so I can get a rough head count for food and brew.  The address is 195 Ottley Drive in Atlanta.  Say you’re there for the “Dad 2.0 meetup.”

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  1. I’ll be at your meetup.

  2. I’ll be at your meetup!!!!

  3. Man…I wish I could be there just to see what you’re like when you don’t have your two kiddos with you at a mom blogger meetup. Still smiling at your daughter with the butter knife trying to help her brother cut his hair. 🙂

  4. Hey, I’m interested in the conference in Austin. Email me the scoop.

    • @FH, Would love to see you go! I haven’t been to Austin since 1999, and I don’t think you’ve been in about as long. Check out the Dad2 website via the hyperlink in the post to learn more.

  5. Pretty Bride

    If I arrive late, will I still see ridiculousness? Or does one have to get there *right* at five to really appreciate the awesomeness of men + beer + Muskrat?

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